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therAPP focuses on helping you understand your body, mind and spirit

Andrew Smith founded therAPP UK in 2010, after working as a Psychotherapist and social worker for nearly twenty years. Andrew states:

During my doctoral research, I became increasingly aware of the limitations of the current ‘One Therapy School’ approach towards human recovery and growth.

The industry can also be confusing to clients, who often find themselves pulled in to a ‘clan’. We certainly have a strong need to be part of our own ‘clan’ or ‘tribe’, and this is reflected within the therapeutic industry.

I recognised that there was a need to spearhead a new approach to healing, one that challenged elements of the old schools, yet assimilated learning and knowledge from as many fields as possible.

Also, that this approach should usefully integrate learning from both the East and the West wherever possible – in the UK in particular, the two worlds rarely mix.

Thus, we have a core belief in the importance of assimilating body, mind, and spirit, however this is expressed within individual clients.  But also, to work in this way professionally, respectfully, and creatively. 


Andrew Smith

What people think

  • it has been a very very positive experience having you come to our house and being able to be seen as we are, warts and all.

    Mum with family of two children
    Family Therapy

Holistic therapy services

Andrew set up a holistic therapy centre in Halifax, UK. Here, standard and efficacious therapies such as Psychotherapy and Counselling are offered. In addition, with the belief that healing should be holistic, alternative therapies such as Gua Sha are also offered. A one-off consultation was designed in order to help clients think about potential approaches that could help them. Treatment plans will be agreed during the session.

Needless to say, therAPP UK Ltd retains a high respect for professional standards and client safety. All our therapists are registered with appropriate regulatory bodies, and we take feedback seriously; this is how we grow and adapt to our client’s needs. As our work is also often highly confidential, we are very careful to ensure your anonymity at all times.

Please contact us for more information. Even if you do not feel ready for a therapy just yet, maybe you could attend one of our workshops or events?

These are great opportunities to not only connect with others, but to learn about something new.

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