As a specialist agency, we also provide various training programmes to organisations and groups. We are able to tailor training to need, and offer flexible and cost effective solutions.

Our most recent trainings include both a range of clinically oriented sessions, and trainings geared towards organisational development:

  • Working with Groups (1 day)
  • Systemic Practice (2 days)
  • Management skills in organisations (3 days)
  • Neonatal Development (1 day)
  • Pre-Birth Assessment Training (1 day)
  • How to Assess Therapeutic Need (2 day)
  • The Impact of Abuse (2 day)
  • Therapeutic Recovery (2 day)
  • The Problem with Schoolism (1 half day)
  • How to Assess Sexually Harmful Behaviour (3 day)
  • Dealing With Conflict (2 day)
  • Placement Disruption (1 day)
  • Clinical Supervision (5 weekends)

Our training ‘offer’ changes throughout the year, so please come back to the site and add yourself to our mailing list.