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Are you finding life stressful? The world we live in can feel too much sometimes.

Perhaps you have been impacted negatively by early childhood trauma or a toxic relationship, making you isolate yourself from others and have trouble with your daily life.

therAPP believes that one therapy alone with never address the multiple symptoms you can experience.

Healing and growth should beneficially encompass the body, the mind and the spirit through connection with yourself and others.

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What to expect from therAPP

Based in Hebden Bridge, Halifax, UK – therAPP Ltd provides a wide range of evidence based therapeutic services for individuals, couples, families and organisations.

Our specialist therapeutic centre in the heart of Hebden Bridge is available whenever you need to refresh your learning, engage in therapies, or attend a workshop.

You can find more information about our services throughout the website, and purchase therapeutic time and products directly through the online store.


therAPP offers therapy to individuals (from children to adults), couples, groups, and families. 


therAPP UK has a range of experienced counsellors, with many people helped each year.


We use a variety of tools and techniques, including direct observation, Trauma Checklist and Parental Stress Index.


The clinical supervision service allows you to reflect on and review your own practice.

Events & Workshops

Accessible and great value workshops. Also available to hire if you are looking for a space!

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  • My husband is now less stressful and more human.

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