Past Life Regression: Scarborough

Roscoe Rooms, Scarborough, YO12 7BY

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This is a workshop exploring Past Life Regression (P.L.R.). This is a therapeutic technique, which uses mild hypnosis to access our past lives. If you have ever had a near death experience, maybe your child has spoken a language they have never heard, or you have just feel a strong affinity to previous times, come and join us. We will give you a warm welcome.

The workshop will introduce you to the research and practice around P.L.R., and give you the opportunity to undertake a guided, group regression. There will also be plenty of opportunity to ask questions, and to connect with others.  P.L.R. is not stage hypnotism, and you will remain in control of yourself and your mind at all times.

Many people consider P.L.R. to be life changing and life affirming. Whether you consider this technique to be a metaphor for your subconscious, or an actual return to previous lives, you are sure to find something useful in this workshop.  

Leading the Workshop

Andrew is a qualified psychotherapist, with a specialism in therapeutic recovery from trauma. Andrew trained in past life regression with Brian Weiss in the US, he speaks widely across the UK and beyond, and maintains a busy private practice in Halifax, UK.  

Numbers are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.


If you are struggling to pay the full price ticket but would like to attend, please email us – contact@therapp.org.