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therAPP offers therapy to individuals (from children to adults), couples, groups, and families.

Our work at therAPP is always confidential, unless there are safeguarding concerns. Also, because we are a private organisation, we do not share information with any other statutory organisations. 

All of our therapists have a minimum of two years’ professional training in any particular therapeutic discipline. With many having studied on a full four year clinical training course.

Sometimes information about risk does require sharing with other organisations. If this is necessary, we will negotiate this with you. 

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  • … the atmosphere at home has begun to feel better, more harmonious.

    Mum with family of three children
    Family Therapy

What is Therapy?

A catch all term, referring to a psychological analysis, i.e. psychotherapy or counselling.

Therapy involves our therapist sitting with you, talking about what is troubling you, and formulating solutions. There is normally a focus upon raising self awareness, leading to greater capacity to connect with others.

Our therapists typically use a range of models in order to help alleviate difficult feelings or behaviours. There are thousands of models that could be used, but it is the relationship that is the most important element for facilitating change.

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